April 4, 2012

Telling Tales With a Tear and a Smile
Critic's Notebook by Jason Zinoman


No one expresses romantic yearning with as much gusto as Adam Wade, a prolific performer
from Hoboken, N.J., whose tales have the bittersweet tone of a Kenneth Lonergan play.
Rubbing the back of his neck bashfully he describes working miserable jobs or spending a night
hanging out in empty hotel rooms in bursts of sentences that seem so impatient to get out that
he often jumps ahead to the next one before getting to the period. Mr. Wade occasionally
gets angry — the rage of the nerd is a major theme of storytelling — but his characteristic
moment is when a minor episode inspires an exhilarating if doomed sense of joy. It’s usually
because of a girl fated not to be the one.

This twee, endearing style has become common and is often grating in less able hands.



Oct 21, 2011

All Those Great Stories, Crying to Be Overheard
By Ruth Pennebaker

Later that evening, after the sun has set on a beautiful autumn afternoon,
I find my last New York stories of the day. Down a treacherous series
of depth-defying steps, at the Theater Under St. Marks, the storyteller
and comedian Adam Wade is hosting his monthly “Adam Wade
From New Hampshire” show. Using a combination of videos and
talk, Mr. Wade recalls the amorous habits of his college roommate
and his own first job in the city, working as a waiter. His stories
have a rueful sweetness to them, as told by a guy who’s often
too nice to go for a devastating zinger in life.



NEW YORK TIMES 'Style Section' Feature "The Moth Story Slams" (8/16/09)
(includes video of 14th Moth Story Slam win Lies and Lobsters)




Recently I was asked to contribute a MINI chapter (about 80 words)
for a creative, fictional story for
the Sunday NY Times 'New Jersey' Section.
I felt honored to have been asked. So here it is... Adam Wade in the New York Times.

part 1

part 2

part 3

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