Kittycats as People
Mini-graphic novels and video-shorts
written and drawn by NYC storyteller Adam Wade

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If you were a fan of the old school Brad Neely short stories
that would later become China, IL, this may be the show for you as it hearkens back to a similar style and sense of humor that helped make Neely into a household name. In this episode Adam talks about an old college room mate named Gonzo and evidently his love of orange juice is deeper than we can grasp!
If you haven't heard Adam Wade tell a story from his life,
then you really must one of these days or nights.
Wade is an 18-time winner of The Moth's StorySLAM.
His tales often look back upon his romantic idealism and how it conflicts with and yet still manages to overcome the dirty realism of life. For the first time, Wade has re-imagined one of his stories in drawings, and he has replaced all of the people in his story with kittycats. Kittycats? Sure, why not. In this story, Wade tells us about a different and difficult roommate he had during his sophomore year in college, and the secrets they kept from one another. Secrets!


GONZO 'animated' video short

(high rez)

(low rez)





VIMEO: Gonzo




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