Wade on the Bench:
Starring Adam Wade

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Steve the Pigeon




SPECIAL Episode: Hollywood 60 Second Sizzle Reel

SPECIAL Episode: The Secret to Life in 47 Seconds Sizzle Reel

SPECIAL Episode: 4th of July Firework Spectacular

Episode 28: Official 'BRING BACK THE BENCH' Rally (Epic Show, Folks)!

Episode 27: No New Bench Supposedly - Oh Really?

Episode 26: Wade STILL on a 'Beach Chair' Labor Day Show

Episode 25
: Wade on a 'Beach Chair' with guest Tim Tebow

Episode 24: Wade Still Not on the Bench with guest Mark Knopfler

Episode 23: Standing without a Bench with guest Jose Conseco

Episode 22: Where's the Bench?

Episode 21: Huge Show, Mike the Pigeon, An Introduction

Episode 20: Off the Bench and at the St. Ann's Fest

Episode 19: Heatwave Edition

Episode 18: Parking Tickets for Everyone

Episode 17: Free Advertising Episode

Episode 16: 4th of July Weekend

Episode 15: Summer is Here and so are the Baby Carriages

Episode 14: On the Bench After Dark Edition with Dominick

Episode 13: June Heatwave Edition with Vinny and Cole

Episode 12: Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Episode 11: Yet Another Hoboken Flood Aftermath

Episode 10: Bench Area Under Construction Episode

Episode 9: Saturday Before Easter 2017 Edition

Episode 8: Little League Sidewalk Parade 2017 Edition

Episode 7: Monday Evening Episode (aka The Bus Show)

Episode 6: First Spring Day 2017

Episode 5: Winter Storm Stella 2017

Episode 4: A Saturday in March

Episode 3: Local Celebrity Filled 60 Second Edition

Episode 2: 60 Degrees in February

Episode 1: Sunday January 29th, 2017

(Break Out Stars from 'Wade on the Bench')
Steve and Marty the Hoboken Pigeons Pizza Review

Episode 2: Mario's Pizza

Episode 1: Benny Tudino's Pizza


"Adam Wade is the Jaques Cousteau of Washington Street (Hoboken)!"
Dave Calamoneri

"Big fan of this video."
Patrick Michael Cotnoir

"I think I just had a stroke from the excitement."
Pat Fitzgibbons

"My new favorite thing! You're more dependable than the postman!"
Eric Flanders

"Great reporting."
Keith Carroll

"This is like watching a Bob Dylan song."
Kevin Cocca

"You're the man, big guy."
Tash Dovas










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